Online Meetings Feature


My Online Meetings feature is a new alternative way using our new Technology we created to communicate with clients to Send & Receive their tax information to Prepare their Tax Returns & Receive Advice using the Internet.

This Feature is an Option only & does NOT REPLACE the option for clients to have a TRADITIONAL Street based office meeting to prepare & Lodge their Tax returns and Receive Advice  

This Online Meetings feature is complemented by my new Live Chat feature for Meetings where it is easier to use a Live text chat that has ability to send & receive the clients tax information, including the Tax Return. 

How Easy to use is Online meetings feature

 It is very easy to use. Just click on Links sent to you. No special prior experience of PC skill are required, as all that is needed to have the Meeting is an up to date PC with a working webcam if you want to use the Camera feature or a Smart Phone like an Iphone or Android  running versions of their Software that is not too old



How to Use Online Meetings Feature

To use the Online meetings feature ,there are two steps:

Firstly: You need to set up an Appointment with me.

Secondly: A Meeting Access Link will be sent to you in the e-Mail address you provided. 

At the agreed time use this to link to access the meeting or and you will go directly to the meeting .

If you use the Link before the meeting you can upload file relevant to the meeting using our waiting room feature.

Here is example