About Us

What OnlineMeetings is about

OnlineMeetings.tax is a membership website that provides an online meeting resource for providing Tax & Accounting & other Advice.

Whilst it was setup originally for clients only of my Online & Offline Accounting practices, it can be used by those who just wish to get help with doing their taxes themselves.

How to Use 

Online Meetings.tax has its own unique membership database. All persons wishing to use this website need to become a member. 

Whilst clients of my Tax & Accounting practice can access this website  they also need to  to become a client of OnlineMeetings.tax in order to use its features. like a non-client can do.

How to become a member 

To become a member you complete the Booking form for your Online Meeting & the confirmation email will contain your Membership details and access links to the Online Meeting.

How to Make an Online Meeting 

To make a Booking we created an Online Diary feature

This is accessed using Meeting links found on the Home Pages of the websites I use of the website you originally selected.

My Mission


My mission is to develop a better way to deliver my Tax & Accounting services & Advisory  to clients using technology that includes not just a PC, but a mobile phone.I want to develop ways clients can send me information using whatever devices they like to use. 

I want to create the FUTURE  TODAY &  I want to use the Future Today

The future as i see it is the death of the PC & E-Mail as a main communication device & medium, replaced by Mobile phones to setup & conduct meetings,

Meeting specific upload technology replacing the need for emails  & information & & Online Diaries for setting up of meetings using Online Diaries for meeting and my Direct Meeting Upload technology 

My Mission is delivered:

Using a unique foundation of : Browser Driven technology

No software downloads onto the devices being used & No Apps needed on mobile devices

   Just:  CLICK & GO technology on any device & any Internet Browser



How to Use Online Meeting

How to Use Online Meetings.tax   

Accessing The Client Area.

The client area  is accessed  via the"Your Meetings" tab at the top of the Website. 

There you will find the Log-in screen for existing Members & provide the ability to become a new member. of the Website.

What Can You Do When in Client area

1. You can see details of your meeting & get access to the meeting

2. You can upload at any time before the Meeting Questions that you wish to cover in the Meeting & add any relevant attachments,

3. You can upload at any time before the Meeting any Files that are relevant to the meeting.

Please know that online meetiings held using the Online meetings.tax website can be done on any  Internet enabled device and do not require any Desktop Software  or App store downloads & can be used on any Internet browser. 

Our Online meetings technology is all "Browser Driven"